The Savings Force

Saving money is easy when you learn good habits early. Let The Savings Force start your child's journey down the road to financial security early. It's fun!


  • Available for children 12 and below
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Birthday Treats
  • Special Savings Days
  • Online Banking
  • Power Rewards Program
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Power Rewards

There's more than one way to earn Power Reward Points!

As a CZ All Star, every dollar you deposit earns you a Power Rewards Point and brings you closer to great prizes! But that's not the only way!...

Bring in your report card, and you can earn Power Reward Points for every good grade you get!

You can earn:

  • 20 points for every A+, A, A-, S+, or O
  • 10 points for every B+, B, B-, S, or P

Ready to Redeem Your Power Reward Points?

Scroll down to see all the awesome rewards you can earn! Once you've decided which prize you want, grab a parent, and email Lori Dummer to let her know what you'd like! A few days later, you'll receive it in the mail! It's that easy!

Forcefield Level Prizes: 1000 Points

  • $10 iTunes Gift Card 
  • $10 Amazon Gift Card 
  • $10 Google Play Gift Card
  • $10 Redbox Gift Card

Superhero Level Prizes: 500 Points

  • $5 Subway Gift Card
  • $5 Applebees Gift Card
  • $5 Walmart 
  • $5 Target Gift Card

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Power Rewards

  • Students 12 and under are eligible
  • Your Power Rewards will now be automated. You will earn 1 Power Point per dollar deposited with a max of 1000 points per deposit.
  • A maximum of 1000 Power Reward Points can be redeemed per month.
  • All your deposits will count, including normal deposits, online transfers, direct deposits, etc.
  • Any money withdrawn during the month will count against the total amount of points earned that month, if there were any deposits made.
  • There will be Power Reward Levels: Superhero (500 points) and Forcefield (1000 points)
  • Power Points will not expire and will be tracked monthly.
  • Power Point notifications will go out bi-annually with your newsletters.
  • You can contact us anytime to find your Power Points balance.

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