Telephone Banking

Man talking on telephone. Telephone Banking

With our Citizens-On-Call Telephone Banking Service, your accounts are accessible anytime, day or night. All you need is a telephone. You can transfer funds, check balances, and more -- things Alexander Graham Bell never dreamt of! 

Call 888-476-BANK (2265) to access Citizens-On-Call.


  • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Branch Hours and Location Information
  • Access Account Information
  • Checking and Savings 
  • CD's and IRA's
  • Loan Accounts
  • Funds Transfer or Make a Payment


Is there a special phone number to call telephone banking?

Yes, to access Citizens-On-Call, simply call 888-476-BANK (2265)

Can I change my PIN?

Yes, to change your PIN, it must be 6-12 digits long and cannot match your most recent PIN. 

MAIN MENU - Press 6 to Change Your PIN.

How do I reset my PIN if I have been locked out of the system?

If you are unable to access Citizens-On-Call or believe you have been locked out, please contact Citizens Connection at 507-354-3165 or toll free at 800-549-0194. They will be able to assist you in resetting your PIN.

How do I get my account balance? 

Balance information is available under the option Account Balance. It will provide you the current balance and available balance (amount minus any pending transactions). 

MAIN MENU - Press 1 for Account Balance.

How do I find out what checks or deposits have cleared?

On the new system you can still hear the entire history or you can narrow your search to just the items you want, like deposits, withdrawals, or ATM transactions. You can then search by last 5 withdrawals, last 5 deposits, amount/amount range, or check number. 

MAIN MENU - Press 2 for Account History.

How do I activate my debit card?

• Use your card along with your PIN at any ATM

• Make a purchase using your card and PIN

• Call 888-476-2265, menu option 4 for Debit Card Services.

It is important to keep your PIN safe and confidential.

How can I transfer funds?

You can perform an immediate transfer of funds or you can schedule a transfer to happen sometime in the future. Transfers can be scheduled one time, once a week, once every two weeks, or monthly. You can also hear existing scheduled transfers you set up or delete an existing transfer. 

MAIN MENU - press 3 for Funds Transfers or Make a Payment.

Do you have function keys?

Yes, we do have the following function keys:

Press 0: Will transfer you to a Citizens Connection service representative during regular business hours

Press *: Takes you back to previous menu

Press #: Will repeat menu or option

Press 3*: Will take you back to main menu

Press 5*: Will skip to next menu or option

Press 7*: Will hang up the call

What other features do you have?

Main Menu: Press 5 to Reorder Checks or Speak to a Lender

Main Menu: Press 7 for Bank Information for all locations

Main Menu: Press 8 for All Other Inquiries

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